AIR and ITVS Partner Up to Double Down on Pubmedia Innovation


Today, AIR and ITVS announced a partnership that will add fuel to AIR's producer-led teams at public radio and TV stations. 

As the Localore production cycle winds down, ITVS has invited the teams to apply for one more year of funding through their LINCS initiative (Linking Independents and Co-producing Stations). Those selected by ITVS will continue their groundbreaking projects, with AIR serving an advisory role. 

The production has already yielded an array of fresh public media models, designed to reach and involve community members on the air, screen and streets—from a rich multimedia music map in Austin, to a new style of short form video documentary chronicling the oil boom of North Dakota, to a digitally reversed version of the farmer’s almanac that tells the story of climate change in Paonia, CO.

The partnership builds on previous AIR-ITVS collaborations to support transformative public media. 

"Working with AIR, we have the opportunity as never before to support our best producers who are creating new, multi-platform work that informs and expands our public service mission in unexpected ways," says ITVS President and CEO Sally Jo Fifer.

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