Behold Sonic Trace's Sound Booth of the Future: La Burbuja!


The jury is in—Localore project Sonic Trace has selected a winner for their mobile sound booth competition: La Burbuja (bubble), created by Hugo Martinez (founder of design firm maT-Ter) and Christian To.

"With help from family and friends, they conceived a silvery orb that would open up in sections like a chocolate orange to reveal a womb-like recording space inside," writes host Frances Anderton on the blog for her KCRW program DnA:Design & Architecture. KCRW is incubating Sonic Trace, and Anderton served as a judge for the competition.

"The concept," she explains, "was for a 'non-place', in which the interviewee would be suspended in time and space, while passersby would see themselves reflected in a globe both dematerialized and opaque." 

See the other inventive entries here, and check back for more news on the Kickstarter campaign that will support the booth's fabrication.

burbuja 2

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