Cool Scoop: Curious City News on Ice Cream Truck Rules Hits HuffPo, Chicagoist, City Council


Last week, the team at Localore project Curious City revealed that the Chicago's ice cream truck operators could suffer from new regulations aimed at the burgeoning food truck industry. The story caught the eye of bloggers at the Huffington Post and Chicagoist, where Anthony Todd writes:

You can mess with our gourmet meatballs, our freshly steamed bao, even our tamales. But you'll have to pry the ice cream from our (very) cold, dead hands. WBEZ reported Wednesday what should have been obvious to all of us (and this is why we give money to public radio): ice cream trucks, even those that were perfectly legal before, will be affected by the new food truck ordinance. ...Ice cream truck owners claim they weren't consulted during the process and that the new ordinance will hurt their business.

WBEZ reporter Lauren Chooljian uncovered the story while looking into a question by a listener named Bridget, who asked if ice cream trucks work particular territories. On Friday, Curious City lead producer Jennifer Brandel followed up with a report that WBEZ's scoop had prompted Alderman John Arena to call for the city council to reexamine the controversial food truck ordinance.

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