Help Austin Music Map Take You to the Streets for SXSW

Want to experience Austin's hidden music scenes for yourself? Then vote for SXSW panel Busting Out Radio: Speaker <> Street <> Screen by Friday. If the session is selected, Localore producer Delaney Hall and her collaborators from Zeega and KUT will take a group of adventuresome bicyclists to a variety of musical outposts on a tour designed explicitly for SXSWers.

They'll meet/greet scene-makers at places like the Moose Lodge, a private social club on Austin’s east side and home to a growing conjunto culture; Baby Blue Studio, a former blues bar and now an underground electronic music hotspot, and—one of Austin’s last hold-outs from its juke joint heyday—the Victory Grill. Mobile media will deliver a tour inside the tour, taking bikers deeper inside the sounds and stories of Austin’s “outside” culture.

Watch this video about the Baby Blue Studio for a taste, and vote today!

Baby Blue Studio & the Eastside Lounge from Austin Music Map on Vimeo.

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