Pitch Perfect: Audio Now Available, Plus Notes from a Novice

pitch perfectListen and learn: audio for both of AIR's Pitch Perfect panels at the Third Coast conference is now available. Led by veteran producer Emily Botein, these sessions matched aspiring storytellers up with editors from national shows and networks, including Marketplace, TAL, the BBC and more for nail-biting live pitches. 

On Transom, Bianca Giaever offers the inside scoop on the experience. 

Bianca Giaever

"AIR’s panel is among one of the more terrifying experiences of my life," she writes. "Not only are you exposing your creative ideas to an editor for possible rejection, but a significant number of radio producers and editors you admire and hope to work with for decades to come will be in the room. So stakes are high." Don't miss her tips on finding good stories, practicing your pitches and fitting them well to shows.

Daniel AlarconAIR's New Voices scholars also found the pitch panels illuminating.

"My experience comes from the world of print," reflects Daniel Alarcón, the executive producer of Radio Ambulante. "It was particularly interesting to see how pitching for radio is different from the sorts of journalism I've done before, and I liked [to] see how ideas shifted as they were presented before an audience."

"The biggest impression I got was that the radio community works as a team," writes New Voices Scholar Barb Anguiano. "I ever felt like there was any real competition between people, even when pitching. I get that they worked toward the same goal and gladly help someone else."

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