Recharge, Reboot, Re-imagine: Join AIR.


Public media is in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance. Producers and stations, big-middle-and-small, are working to figure out the best uses of technology to advance the public service mission at the heart of everything we do, and expand our reach to more Americans. It’s not always easy to figure out the best way forward, especially when resources are limited and time (and in the case of stations or small production houses, staffing) is constrained. AIR can help.

As we move more deeply into the 21st century, we know that our network of available talent is a tremendous asset and, as AIR approaches its 25th anniversary in 2013, we’ve only begun to tap the potential of the vital and engaged braintrust of more than 860 members across 46 states and 20 countries worldwide. And we continue to grow at a record pace. Independent radio producers remain at the heart of our organization, which has blossomed into a broad constituency that includes moving-image and print producers, technologists and digital entrepreneurs, the major public radio networks, and leading stations across the US.

If you are a station or producer passionate about the power of 21st century public media with an appetite for creative risk and a commitment to the service mission at the heart of our joint endeavor, join our blossoming enterprise today.

With a click of the “Join” button, here’s some of what you’ll begin to experience:

  • AIR identifies talent: Through our “inner sanctum”—the AIRdaily listserv— and the organization’s Talent Directory, AIR creates an unprecedented networking space for talent seekers and those ready for new assignments on the local, national, international, and virtual planes. Our member-led regional groups across the country provide a local base of professional support.

  • AIR cultivates talent. Throughout the year, we provide venues and opportunities for independent, station, and network producers to expand their craft. Our on-going activities include the Sounds Elemental audio intensive at UnionDocs in Brooklyn, our Live Interactive residency, one-on-one mentorships, New Voices scholarships, and a wide range of intensives and events at industry conferences throughout the year. AIR offers opportunities for rising producers to learn, grow, and mix it up with some of the country’s most influential craftspeople.

  • AIR deploys talent. Over the last five years, AIR has been opening up a new channel to direct the ingenuity of our talent for the benefit of the system, and to create a new creative space where our producers are supported to do their best work. Learn more about our Makers Quest 2.0 (MQ2) project, which deployed producers to lead the shift from “public radio” to public media, and our Localore initiative underway nation-wide, led by outside producers matched with public radio and television stations.

You can also satisfy your hunger for more by subscribing to the free weekly Public Media Scan, curated by AIR Media Strategist Jessica Clark, which showcases the work of five public media innovators each week, culled from 200+ sites and blogs.

Questions? Learn more or feel free to get in touch with AIR Membership Director Erin Mishkin.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you.