Scenes from a Localore incubator: KUT

Last week, while in Austin for SXSW, AIR and Zeega took the chance to visit KUT, which will be incubating Localore producer Delaney Hall's Austin Music Map (AMM) project—learn more about it this recent Austinist interview

Associate GM Hawk Mendenhall walked us through the plans of the gleaming new public media studios they're building across the street, and led a tour of KUT's current studio, captured in the slideshow above. While staff members have already begun to pack up and digitize decades of vinyl and CDs for the move later this year, we still got a great sense of the station's rich musical heritage, a glimpse at Delaney's temporary desk, and a visit with David Brown and his crew in the the lively production space for Texas Music Matters, which will air AMM segments. We look forward to seeing David and the other station collaborators next week in Boston, for the Localore Public Media Lab. Stay tuned for reports on future visits to Localore incubator stations.

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