Victory! La Burbuja Funded, Thanks to All Who Kicked In

It's been a grueling but gratifying month for the builders of La Burbuja, the portable audio booth designed for Localore's Sonic Trace project at LA station KCRW.

Here's the response from architect Hugo Martinez after listening to the latest dispatch on the project from KCRW show DnA:

We are here at the shop. Christin and I still working on La Burbuja. It will be another long night for us. But, we wanted to take a moment to write to all of you and say: Thank you! We heard the DNA show today while taking a break and laying down on the floor of our office. We are exhausted, but when we heard the show today it re-energized us.

Thank you all for believing in us and most of all for believing in the Sonic Trace project. We are truly passionate about what Sonic Trace will do. We believe this is the platform that will allow silent voices to be heard. The silent voices of the immigrant experience in the U.S.A and their journey as they leave everything behind and readjust to a new world.

Producer Anayansi Diaz-Cortes and the rest of the Sonic Trace team chimed in with their own thanks on the Kickstarter page:

This is what you are pledging to—understanding 21st century America through the eyes and ears of the world. Sonic Trace and La Burbuja will gather stories that every American citizen can trace into their personal history. Stories about movement, boundaries, food, identity, cultural flux, politics and history. Immigrant stories.

As we near the close of our campaign, I want to take this opportunity say thank you, gracias, dioxhclen (zapoteco), Yuj wal dios (Q' anjob'al) for being part of the Sonic Trace family.

Visit Sonic Trace on Facebook to find out where La Burbuja will end up next.

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