Black Gold Boom

New Release: What's Outside? Public Media 2014

Today, we're pleased to share with you a new report released via Current and our own channels, focusing on key takeaways from Localore. It's based on extensive analysis of audience data, as well as surveys of our field producers and station managers/staff over the last year since the R&D phase of the project concluded on Feb 28, 2013.

Where did we succeed and where did we fail in what we set out to do with this ambitious 10-city production? These lessons will not only inform our future work but will, we hope, also provide useful insight and concrete recommendations for stations, producers, and the system at large as we all adapt to a changing industry.

ITVS joins AIR and Prairie Public on Next Chapter for Award-Winning Black Gold Boom

Black Gold BoomThere’s money to be made in North Dakota’s frenetic oil boom—but sometimes the cost is too high. With new support from ITVS, Localore producer Todd Melby is creating a half-hour TV documentary that will dig deeply into the boom’s environmental and social consequences—and a companion transmedia project, “Oil Patch: Code Blue,” focusing on the dangers faced by oil patch workers.

Updated: Current Series Unpacks How Localore Projects Help Stations Innovate

Current.orgCurrent—the newspaper of record for the public media sector—has a running series of articles exploring how the Localore's teams are working with partner stations to invent new ways to connect with their communities. Catch up below, and bookmark this post to discover new pieces as they go up.

June 4: WYSO Explores Industrial City's Reinvention 
WYSO [General Manager] Neenah Ellis said the Reinvention project has been a “true collaboration” and has turned out just as she hoped....“I knew it was a chance for a station like ours to engage local media artists to take the station to the next level in terms of multimedia production”

Lights! Camera! Localore!

Wondering how AIR's national production evolved from a blue-sky idea to the ten evocative multimedia projects now animating public stations across the country? Grab a bucket of popcorn and lean back to watch This is Localore.

Filmmaker Josh Banville directed and edited this half-hour documentary stepping us behind the curtain with the producer-station teams—revealing how they have taken big risks to lead projects that grab the attention of communities across broadcast, digital and street platforms.

When it Rains, it Pours: AIRster Accolades

Drum roll please! Join all of us behind the curtain at AIR in congratulating all of our station and producer members who have recently won awards:

2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award Winners

Todd Melby/AIR/Prairie Public/Zeega, Monica Brady-Myerov, Sandy Hausman, Kenny Malone, Alicia Zuckerman, Dan Grech, Sammy Mack, Trina Sargalski, Rich Halten, Tony Ganzer, Rhonda Miller, Kristin Gourlay, Kelley Libby

Member organizations: 
WLRN, KQED, KUT, WBEZ, WUNC, New Hampshire Public Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, World Radio Switzerland

Starting Saturday: Four Can't-Miss Chances to Meet Localore Makers

Early reviews of have begun rolling in: fantastic transmedia voyages...very cool...beautiful...the new Localore site's going to blow your top.

Don't miss a chance to see AIR's revolutionary national production for yourself. Starting Saturday, Localore producers will hit the road to share what they've created and learned:

AIR's Localore Blooms! Metasite Launch and April Events Reveal New Transmedia Strategies

On April 22, AIR will present the full scope of its national Localore production with the launch of a new metasite and a public screening at Boston’s Brattle Theatre.

Updated: Spring Brings Localore @ Tribeca + MEGAPOLIS + DocYard + MIT Open Doc Lab

AIR's national Localore production team flocks to the east coast in April for a series of important events. We hope you'll come meet the producers and stations behind the revolutionary work being launched across the country.


April 20: Get Down With MEGAPOLIS and Localore


In NYC on April 20? Come mingle with AIR's national production team at MEGAPOLIS Celebrates Localore: The After Party.

During the day of April 20th the Tribeca Film Festival spotlights all ten Localore productions as part of an exciting celebration of new, groundbreaking digital storytelling work. That night, the party at DROM will bring together Locolore participants and MEGAPOLIS attendees for a night of music, dancing, and merrymaking.

Curious City Anthem "Only in Chicago" Sings the Soul of Local

Brenda GuzmanWhat can you get in Chicago that you can't from any other place?

This was the question that Chicago newcomer Brenda Guzman had for WBEZ reporters when they met her in an Albany Park laundromat called "Rags to Riches." The question "sang with possibilities," writes Localore producer Jennifer Brandel, "...what did she mean? Unique objects? Unique experiences? Maybe ... unique people? Brenda told us something like 'anything goes' — she’d be open to whatever we could find."