New Release: What's Outside? Public Media 2014

Today, we're pleased to share with you a new report released via Current and our own channels, focusing on key takeaways from Localore. It's based on extensive analysis of audience data, as well as surveys of our field producers and station managers/staff over the last year since the R&D phase of the project concluded on Feb 28, 2013.

Where did we succeed and where did we fail in what we set out to do with this ambitious 10-city production? These lessons will not only inform our future work but will, we hope, also provide useful insight and concrete recommendations for stations, producers, and the system at large as we all adapt to a changing industry.

How to Tell a Story? Let Me Count the Ways...

AmandaUnionDocs is a bustling media center operating out of a storefront in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Last year, AIR partnered with them to develop a new, weeklong immersion in “Full Spectrum” storytelling to give producers a chance to cultivate their chops and bring new imagination to translating and distributing their stories. NYC indie Amanda Aronczyk stepped up to lead a stellar team of instructors, including WNYC’s John O’Keefe, multimedia artist Ben Rubin, podcaster Jonathan Mitchell, and indies Ann Heppermann, Emily Botein, Michael May, and more.

Sensor Journalism, Uncensored

Perhaps you’ve been hearing this term “sensor journalism” in passing at conferences, on Twitter, and via the blogosphere? Producer Lily Bui sure has, and she investigated the term on her personal blog. We asked her to sum up what she’s learned here: 

Listen up, journalists.

Something interesting is happening, and you should be in the loop.

What is it?