The Pragmatist's Guide to Podcasts and Money

By Cynthia Graber

Cynthia Graber interviews a monkWhere is the money? That’s what I want to know.

In September, I co-launched “Gastropod,” a new, independent podcast that looks at food through the lens of science and history. I love the subject, and I love working in audio — but I’m not venturing into this new medium simply out of love. Nicola Twilley and I need something else for our time and effort: payment.

7 Sites for Media Grants and Fellowships

In his 2001 essay “How to Fund a Radio Documentary,” Robin White asked public media producers “to be as creative in your fundraising as you are with your projects, and always to share what you learn with others.”

This list of places to hunt for grants and fellowships comes from a number of public media producers who shared their advice on the AIRdaily email list. Thanks to you all.

AIR’s Media Fellowship and Grants wiki 

• The Media Impact Funders' grants database (search for funders, not grants awarded) 

Reading List: Seven About Podcasting

Podcasting is having a moment -- and hooray for the audio revolution/evolution! -- but for superfans of podcasts, creators, and audiophiles who have been following the story for years, we've found a few pieces of coverage that go deeper, or in unexpected directions.

Here are seven options, from our reading list to yours: 


1. “Serial, Podcasting’s First Breakout Hit, Sets Stage for More” | David Carr for The New York Times

Bless you, Mr. Carr, for your perspicacity.