Listen Like an Engineer

Editor’s note: Welcome to “Ask the Engineer.” This is the first of an occasional series of technical advice columns from Rob Byers, sound engineer, loudness advocate, and technical coordinator for American Public Media. You can meet Roband sign up for a private, 30-minute consultation about your gear or softwareat the AIR booth at the Third Coast Conference. On-site sign-up is first come, first served.

Public Media Scan: All Interactive


This week's Public Media Scan was all about interactive projects so well-crafted that they could become the scaffolding for other ideas. Here are three interactive sites that set me dreaming: 

'A City Now Largely Lost.' The NYPL Labs' "Building Inspector" asks citizen cartographers to unearth old New York from their desks. Diverting, simple, useful.

From the Archive: Independent for $60K a Year

Editor’s note:"From AIR's Archive" brings forward some of the lost (or long-buried) profiles and advice about audiocraft that we've collected over the years. Robin White, the founder of Radio College, wrote this advice about an entrepreneurial approach to independent production. This story, published as "How to Make $60K a Year Freelancing in Public Radio," is one of the most-read pieces of advice we’ve ever published. 

by Robin White

My search for a way to make a living as a journalist in, or around, radio has led to some depressing side trips over the years. As many producers do, I did some writing for guided museum tours. The low point came a couple of years ago when I was standing in a museum on the West Coast with Fluffy, the creative director of the audio company, screaming in my ear. "Fluffy" is not her real name.