This week in pubradio: A reading list

Don't you love a reading list? Here's a quick round-up of must-read pubradio stories from the week. Enjoy!

• "Finding the Tribe" by Cynthia Graber for Nieman Storyboard

"According to Eric Nuzum, NPR’s vice president for programming, the network measures success for a typical radio show in the hundreds of thousands or millions of listeners. 'In podcasts,” he says, “you can have what we lovingly call a tribe'—perhaps 50,000 to 60,000 engaged listeners. Finding that tribe is essential to financial stability."

• "The Business of Podcasts" by Kerri Hoffman for Transom

Public Media Scan: Do a lot with a little

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Interviewing tips from Jay Allison

Editor's note: "From AIR's Archive" brings forward some of the lost (or long-buried) profiles and advice about audiocraft that we've collected over the years. This collection of interviewing tips came from one of AIR's founding producers, Jay Allison. Jay's advice was first published to AIR's website in June 2006.

by Jay Allison

Note: Although many of these notes apply to any interview situation, they focus on talking to people in their own environment, people who are not accustomed to being recorded.

One of the advantages to working in radio is that you are low-impact. When setting up interviews by phone, remind your interviewees that you are not a film/TV crew. It's just you and a recorder...non-intimidating. They'll still ask you what channel it'll be on.