Audio Ethics: Native ads & podcasts

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Editor's note: Curtis Fox, the godfather of podcasting, posted a conundrum on the AIRdaily, the gathering place and roundtable where AIR’s network of producers shares gigs, advice, and conversation about working as independents in public media.

"What happens if Goldman Sachs wants [a podcast host] to shill enthusiastically for their great humanitarianism and MailChimp has already blown through its ad budget?"

Listen Like an Ombudsman

Editor's note: We asked NPR's founding ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin, to share some thoughts after a lively discussion of native and host-read advertising on podcasts on the AIRdaily, AIR's forum for independent producers. His essay, "Native Advertising in Public Radio Podcasting, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Talked to Like a Grown-up," is the latest in our "Listen Like A ..." series.


By Jeffrey Dvorkin

Photo of Jeffrey DvorkinIt’s a dilemma. A real one.

Wanted: Videos for Localore Launch

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AIR is launching Localore: Finding America with a look at life across America -- and with your help.

Please send short smartphone videos for this spring's launch video (details below). Our favorite submissions will be put in the running for AIR merchandise.

Here’s what to do: