Current Series Unpacks How Localore Projects Help Stations Innovate

Current.orgCurrent—the newspaper of record for the public media sector—has kicked off a series of articles exploring how the Localore's teams are working with partner stations to invent new ways to connect with their communities.

Catch up below, and bookmark this post to discover new pieces as they go up.

Strength of Characters: Getting to Know the Zed Omegas

At first glance, it's tempting to just surf the eye-catching site for Ed Zed Omega (EZO), Localore's "collaborative thought experiment" produced by Ken Eklund with his team at TPT. Updates have been coming fast and furious from the seven fictional high schoolers who are "zed omega"—i.e., "so over"—with their education, and actively seeking advice on how best to "rise out" rather than drop out.

But simply browsing the posts, tweets, videos, emails, phone calls and more produced by the Zed Omegas and participants is only dipping a toe in the water. The real payoff comes from diving deeper, getting to know why each character has been contemplating leaving school, and how their semester of crowdsourced open study has shaped their next steps.