This Sunday: Localore's Hear Here Team to Debut Novel Pop-Up Booth

Drumroll, please! KALW's Erica Mu and Audrey Dilling will reveal the Hear Here pop-up storytelling booth this weekend at the Sunday Streets community festival. Watch station staff assemble the booth for the first time above. Dilling explains how it will work:

As the structure follows the Hear Here project to parks and plazas throughout Oakland and San Francisco, it will provide an opportunity for the public to join an ongoing design process. While the front-facing sides of the letters will be painted in brilliant, solid color, the backs will be coated with chalkboard paint. Passers by will be invited to write a message to the project in response to various prompts or to respond in writing to a story they’ve heard.

Participants in Hear Here interviews will also leave their mark on the pop-up booth. Mounted photos of past interviewees will tile the interior of the tunnel created by the letters, with a QR code link to that participant’s audio story. Anyone walking through the tunnel with a smartphone and headphones can scan the link, and get to know someone new right there on the spot.

To add to the fun, local muralists and artists will be on hand to decorate the structure. Planning to pop by? Visit the Hear Here site for details.

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