Welcome to Localore!

AIR is excited to present Localore—a new initiative inspired by the successful MQ2 project, and designed to provide more than a million dollars in CPB funding to 10 lead producers who will work with local public stations to increase their organizational capacity for innovation. Want to learn more? Check out our webinars, hosted by the National Center for Media Engagement and the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, or watch the video from our September 22 project launch, at the Public Radio Programming conference.

"Localore" is a play on the term "locavore"—someone committed to eating fresh, regionally produced and flavorful foods. Across the country, we hope to inspire a similar taste for storytelling that's sourced from nearby, prepared carefully and consciously, and good for both your mind and community. We're seeking stations that are ready to serve as incubators for inventive new media life forms, and producers that are raring to go out in the community and cultivate fresh and surprising narratives.

Just as is the case with the local food movement, across the country there is a growing local news movement —determined to forge new chains of production and distribution, and meaningful connections between news producers and consumers. This passion for reinventing local journalism is taking root both inside and outside of existing public broadcasting networks, led by independent-minded innovators, and visionary funders.

Over the last several months, we've been reaching out to this vanguard to form what we call the "New Network." Members of this network are nimble, inventive, and ready to extend public media.  They work both inside institutions and outside — independently —  and believe in the promise of using both traditional broadcast and new digital platforms to reflect and connect with America in its rich complexity. They're  eager to find new ways to work collaboratively, to dissolve old boundaries, and help invent the projects that will define the new frontier of public media. Over the past year, we've been supplying the members of our New Network with inspiration by sending out a weekly Public Media Scan.

The Scan is simple:  It consists of five links that AIR curates each week from more than 200 websites and blogs, pointing to producers and projects (mostly outside the industry) that share our spirit of invention and transformed public media.  We recognize that it's hard to keep up with the rapid pace of change, so our aim is to make members of the New Network smarter in a quick and efficient way. Up until now, the scan has been invitation-only, but now we're opening it up to those of you inspired by Localore. Sign up here.

We've  also been profiling particularly promising projects on our old MQ2 blog—such as Longshot Radio and Zeega.  MQ2.org is now morphed into AIRmediaworks.org, but the archives are still available. Going forward, we'll continue to feature a mix of profiles here on our new blog, which explore both our evolving Localore projects, and creators outside the sector who are breaking new ground. 

I'll begin by pointing you to our intrepid beta testers—stations that were brave enough to be the first to step foward and strut their stuff on our Station Runway. Be sure to check out their videos, and watch our home page for new additions each week.